Entertainment Made Bigger With the Nokia X7

Nokia now offers two new handsets powered by the new Symbian Anna. These two new smartphones may come pre-installed with the same operating system. However, they cater to two different markets. The E6 caters more to users with business in mind. It comes with advanced data encryption and security features that are needed to protect important data such as documents, information, and other data. The X7 was designed more for your entertainment. It comes with a number of features geared towards fun and games.

First of all, the entertainment super phone comes with a 4.0 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen offering 360 x 640 pixels of resolution. This is essential for high-definition entertainment. With a touch screen display this cutting edge, you might be worried about scratches and bumps that might damage the phone’s display. With Gorilla glass protection, you never have to worry. This protective glass may be extremely thin, but it is tough enough to withstand the usual bumps and friction from abrasive objects.

This smartphone geared towards entertainment offers apps, games, and so much more. Straight out of the box, the handset comes pre-loaded with a number of apps you are sure to enjoy. These are micro-blogging social network Twitter, the most popular SNS in the world Facebook, and one of the most popular mobile mapping services Ovi Maps. If ever you are looking for more apps such as HD games, you can find them all in the Ovi Store.

The Nokia X7 comes with social network and email integration. If you constantly check on social feeds from both Twitter and Facebook, these feeds are streamed to the phone’s home screen in real-time at all times. If you are worried about not getting mail that counts, there is no need to worry. Emails are delivered to the phone’s home screen as soon as they are sent to you. No email will ever pass you by.

There are a number of accessories that will further enhance your entertainment experience. When it comes to memory, users can make use of up to 32 GB from a micro-SD card. This will give you enough memory to store things like songs and videos.

If you are into music, you can always make use of Bluetooth stereo headsets. These headsets will allow users to enjoy more from digital sound. This Nokia-branded Bluetooth stereo headset will further enhance your gaming experience as well your favorite music.

Prepare for entertainment made bigger with the Nokia X7.

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