The magic of electronic music

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The magic of music

Do you ever find yourself being suddenly transported back in time and space by the first chords of a familiar song that starts playing unexpectedly? It does not matter much if you hear this song on the car radio, the sound of the shop where you pick something or inside a restaurant where you’re dining. In seconds, you’re out of air travel and start dreaming. After a while you find yourself immersed in a realistic scenario so that it is able to recall happy moments with vivid detail in a recent or distant past, and it gives you a deep and unspeakable welfare.

So far, nothing else. Visual sensations, olfactory, gustatory and tactile stimuli also have the power to remind us of situations encountered previously. But it seems like certain songs more easily associate the events lived in a particular context. And almost always they bind to the sensations that give us pleasure, joy and peace and give us the same feeling every time you hear them again. The nostalgic can be moved by the tears on hearing certain songs because they bring you happy memories of a past that no longer exists. But back to this and despite the tears, are happier, because the music was able to bring them back a little of that happiness.

Heard alone, the music goes straight to the soul, and as there is no interference, the more imagination is free to fly. Listening with another person, then you have a partner, a companion or accomplice with whom to share the music. However, nothing compares to the music you hear in a group, because then the reactions take place in jail. Each has its own history of experience which adds to the stories and experiences of others and all are there because they went in search of happiness or to share with others the joy they already have within themselves.

This is the magic of music. The show may end, but that song keeps playing in the minds and hearts for a long time, sometimes for years or forever. In fact, it will be etched in people’s memory. That is why, as an icon that is clicked, each time that song is played, the memory is “call” and all that this show is done again, repeating the same joy, the same vibe and the same ecstasy.

As always go to these places and hear the same songs can eventually lead to boredom, it is usually possible to vary the places you go and listen to different music or music played by other well-known artists in a new way. In other words, going to shows, meet other artists and bands, and at home when this is possible, instead of listening to music while performing some task, listening to music by the way, sitting comfortably in our favorite chair and, preferably, the cover of the CD or DVD in hand to accompany the letter, will only increase our own musical repertoire. And for what?

Just as our cultural background increases in proportion as we read new books, watch new movies and keep informed about current world events by reading newspapers and magazines, the renewal of our musical repertoire will make this even better, because nothing should have more importance in our lives than the present moment.

The new song, though it is only new to us, is a virgin. Not yet linked to situations, because he’s born and begins to irrigate the present moment, which is good and beautiful. So, today it can be enjoyed and savored by itself without joins. In a while, when we hear that music we hear today for the first time, some associations may be established. So, let us remember a time when we were happy, yes, but we were well aware of that happiness which, after all, still, because, like the time, the music does not stop, and yet it never gets old.