Are You A Movie Buff and There Are Some of Your Favourite Movies You Want to Collect? Customer Reviews Will Help You to Find the Right Online Movie Store

A movie buff, also known as a cinephine is a person with passionate interest in films, films theory and film criticism. They read meaning to every word, movie set up and all necessary and ‘unnecessary’ details. Movie buffs love going to the cinema and are always on the lookout for new movies and documentaries.

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In hope for home cinemas, many have resorted to multimedia and subscriptions. Movie buffs are always looking for movies to collect, and customer reviews on subscription sites helps in knowing just the movies to collect.


Either you are a movie buff or looking for the perfect present to get for one, it is important to know just the right place to get the item to meet the needs of your movie love.

People watch movies as a means of relaxation, to inspire themselves, to learn new things and to escape stress. It is a means of escaping reality or creating a new reality for themselves. Films have the ability to evoke an array of emotions in people. It can make you sad, cry, happy, laugh and even find the courage you need to get certain things done. You might not always remember the plot of a movie, but you tend to never forget the kind of emotion it evolved in you. Film is also used as a therapy tool. This type of therapy is known film therapy, and uses film as a psychological tool for different purposes.

Why do people collect movies? One major challenge movie buffs face is updating their folders, as they mostly categorize the movies they collect into genres. Some of the best movies every movie buff swear by are The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Gladiator (2000), Fight Club (1999), The Dark Knight (2008), The Godfather Trilogy and If (1968). These movies can be loosely categorized based on their genre action, drama, crime, comedy, romance, classics and tragedy. Other classification is based on their language/country.

How should you collect your films? Because of the time involved in going to the cinema and having to not being able to immediately watch a movie once it is out of the cinema, movie buffs collect movies. It’s almost the same process as collecting art or coins. The only difference is you have to have watched a movie to decide if it is worth collecting or not. Blurays are best in building a movie collection. Some people however prefer to collect DVDs to blurays. The danger in collecting DVDs however is that technology is forever improving, what happens when DVDs are no longer a thing and your DVD gets spoilt. Visiting sites like Quora, Reddit also help in keeping you informed on places to collect movies from and generally ask questions from people with similar interest like you.

Being a movie buff does not mean collecting films so you do not have to go to the cinema. They would not be referred to as cinephines if going to the cinema was not a thing.