Best portrait photography tips to get great and interesting pictures

Photography is not only a science, it is also an art. While the more technical aspects have been handled by the manufacturer of the camera or phone. Portrait photography dominantly shows the face and expression of the subject as it aims to showcase their mood.

If you are looking to get a Photobook, photo calendar or other similar productions, then you can consider patronizing fotoknudsen. This should be after you have read about what other people in Norway are saying about them on NorskeAnmeldelser. Here are tips for creating unique portrait photos:

Change the viewpoint

Most portraits are taken with the camera focused around the eye level of the subject. However, if you change the angle, you get a more sensational photo, for instance, when you shoot down on your subject or shoot up. Also, the direction your subject is looking at is very important.


Your focus should be on how to capture your subject from an angle that is sure to catch attention. Play with eye contact as much as you can. You can tell your subject to focus on something else outside the camera’s field of view or look at something or someone within the frame. The former creates curiosity while the latter creates an anecdote.

Be creative

Taking breathtaking portraits requires you to step out of the boundaries of photography. For instance, there are rules of composition to guide you when taking pictures but they are not the ultimate. You can always break the rules to create something captivating, such as placing your subject at the edge, etc. Also, experiment with light. Getting the right amount of light at the right time leads to spectacular results. You can side-light, backlight, silhouette, etc the subject to adorn their features.

Take candid shots

Some people don’t look good in posed shots, so try taking their pictures candidly. Get them in their comfort zone, like making them do what they love or something funny, playing paparazzi to them, etc. Candid shots are unusually amazing and make the person looks uniquely beautiful. This method works very well for children.

Get the location right

The location you choose for your portrait photography has a significant impact on the final results. For instance, if you shoot outdoors in natural light, you will get good results but you may encounter some challenges such as the weather and time of the day. Besides, shooting in the sunlight is uncomfortable for your subject as it makes them squint and produces harsh shadows. Mornings or late afternoons work best as they provide a warm and lovely glow.

Know how to use your camera

No matter the number of tips you research, you will never shoot good portraits if you don’t know how to use your camera. Good photography is first about your abilities as a photographer, and this takes much practice to perfect. Also, you need a high-quality camera and lens. There is no best camera for portraits; what matters is how you can use any good camera in different environments and lighting conditions.

However, ensure you get a camera that allows you to control the portrait photography settings and has high-resolution images. On your own, experiment with camera settings so that you will understand how best to use them.