6 Reasons Why France is a Good Country for Art Students

Over 90 million people visit France every year. One of the top reasons being for tourism.

Paris has been ranked the best city in the world to learn art and history. This may also be the reason why you’ve clicked on this article.

The world of art has been appreciated in France with many businesses booming because of this. People not only want to view art but also find ways to express themselves by creating their pieces of art.

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In this article, we shall explore all the reasons why France is the best country for art students.

1.  France offers high-quality art education

The quality of education offered in France is generally high. even higher is the quality of education offered for art students.

Students are exposed to original works from renowned artists,  you get to engage with professors of art, study resources, materials and practical works are also within a short reach.

The educational experience offered by many art institutions in France is world-class and something many people will want to be a part of.

2.  Rich history in art 

It may be difficult to pinpoint the exact period of art development in France but it is presumably around the mid 12th century.

In all those years, art slowly developed into the modern and contemporary art we have today in France.

Standing out in front with detail you on a lot about the origins of art and the development cutting across all this period of human evolution.

3.  There are so many famous museums and art galleries to find inspiration from

The third reason why France is the best country for art students is the number of museums and art galleries.

Paris alone has a record of having more than 130 museums. All these museums have distinctive types of art specialities they focus on.

The Louvre for example has a majority of works by famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci.

Musee de l’Amee on the other hand has displays of national military and related Art Collections with over six departments.

The palace of Versailles else will take you through one of the most beautiful holes displaying medieval art and sculptures.

Students studying art in France will be privileged to get to an up-close on this and many more pieces of art that would otherwise be difficult to access when studying from other countries.

4.  France has a variety of art courses

France being a country known for art, has maintained its title by providing a variety of art courses delivered by great institutions.

Some of the many different types of Arts courses that may interest you include; art design, painting, architecture, sculptures, printmaking, fine art, craft, oil painting, and art history among others.

You can even choose to take a combination of courses before deciding on what category of art to specialise in.

5.  There are a lot of internship opportunities for art students

If you’re lucky enough to study in France then be sure your chances are high to get an internship or a job opportunity in one of these incredible museums.

You will get frontal access on how to run an art gallery which involves the maintenance of art and above all you will get to share your internship experience with your peers.

6.  Studying art is affordable

Depending on the type of program you want to take studying art in France is pretty affordable.

Studying in France is generally less expensive for EU and EEA students however international students can still get the same privilege by taking up scholarship opportunities.

The overall costs will also depend on the living expenses of the city you choose to take your study from. Living expenses in the city tend to be a lot higher than in smaller towns.

Even so, I still advise anyone to study art in the city because there is a lot of exposure than in smaller towns.