Entertainment Enters The Future The 3d Tv

A lot of cinemas now offer a new form of entertainment; the 3D. With the aid of specialized glasses, we’ll be able to enjoy a full-length film as though we are in the movie. And of course, associating with this form of entertainment, the television makers introduce a new product to you: 3D TV.

Now, what is 3D TV? 3D TV, as part of the emerging technology, is a kind of television set that offers you the chance to be able to watch your favorite movies, TV shows and other programs in three-dimensional versions. These television sets are 3D-ready TVs, and most are equipped with Blu-ray players to enjoy visual entertainment.

Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and LG are among those who first planned to introduce this unique television to the world.

So the question is how do people accept and react to the creation of 3d TVs?

Adapting to the quickly developing technology, entertainment industries are creating specials involving 3D episodes. The drama Medium and the comedy Chuck are recently using 3D in television, which supplies better enjoyment to their watchers. The 52nd Grammy Awards have also used 3D feature in their Michael Jackson tribute performance. In Japan, a male group called Arashi in a special episode in their show Odoroki no Arashi attempted to perform using a 3D feature, which, as a result, produced 95% success rate. Truly, these shows proved that 3D entertainment is possible, even within the confines of our homes.

But the dark clouds loom above the heads of these 3D TV creators; does everyone understand the concept of what is 3D TV, and is everyone ready accept the same?

A lot of consumers, despite the proven success rate, are still reluctant in welcoming the 3D TV in the entertainment industry. To them, they simply do not see the point of adapting 3D in their television sets, and sees the non-economic value of the same. To them, despite the tempting features of 3D televisions, on-screen entertainment still pertains to the wondrous effect of 2D, and to them, it does not need to be changed any time soon.

Aside from this, they also question the practicality of the 3D TVs. To them, having remote control television sets are already painful enough, especially when you spend the first thirty minutes of your day trying to locate where you last placed your TV remote. Having a 3D TV definitely requires wearing 3d glasses, which, in the critique’s opinion, is an additional 30 minutes in our everyday lives that we must try to locate if we wish to watch in our television sets.

Finally, upgrading the 2D televisions into 3D means only one thing: Increase in prices. Our luxurious LCD television sets are expensive enough, and having a 3D feature on it would definitely increase its already high price.

Allow me to ask this question one last time; what is 3D TV? Will it give us a significant change in our form of entertainment? Definitely, it will give us better satisfaction in the field of visual entertainment, but the issue of practicability will always be there. At this point, it will be up to the consumers and the potato couches to decide, whether every single home is ready to wear their special glasses everyday for their 3D entertainment, or is it meant to stay in cinemas as merely an exclusive, pay-per-view form of enjoyment? Indeed, not everyone may be warm and welcoming to this new technological advancement, so let us wait and see for another three or four years. Who knows? First impressions are merely what they are after all?first impression, which could be changed after given a chance to introduce themselves.

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