Birthday Entertainment

Selecting the right entertainer for a young child’s birthday party can be the difference between a happy celebration and a party whose end can’t come soon enough. With the pool of children’s entertainers continuing to grow both in type of performer and variety, parents are forced to sift through a wide array of clowns and magicians in the hopes of finding that right one.

The key factors when selecting a child entertainer is both the type of show they provide and whether it’s suitable for the age range in attendance. While perfect for three and four year-olds, a clown may come across as too scary for two year olds or lackluster for the older age groups. On the other side of spectrum, a magician may not interest older kids who feel they are beyond simple tricks, but wow the elementary crowd. Matching the right performer with the age range of the guest is paramount to making the celebration a success and potentially vaulting the guest of honor to social stardom at school.

Whether the entertainer can handle the size audience that will be in attendance at the party should also be a deciding factor. Having an artist draw pictures of the attending kids may be a fun individual activity, but will do little to entertain the entire group, where as a kid’s band can engage with all of the kids in attendance at once. Similarly, renting several carnival games such as a dunk tank will both play into the theme of the birthday party while providing the attending kids with a fun series of games to play. While inventive in some respects, a fortune teller presents both the problem of being a one on one activity as well as other issues given the age of the audience.

As with all aspects of party planning, creativity is king when it comes to entertainment selections. Looking to lesser known forms of performers, i.e. ventriloquists can lead to a hugely successful event. However, know the limits of creativity as while it may work in the movie, relying on a spouse to double as the gun fighting balloon cowboy may not be an advisable course of actions.

No matter what type of entertainment chosen for the event, it is important to provide supplemental activities to accompany that performer. Two prime examples are the piñata and bouncy castle. Both offer kids another activity without pulling them away from the theme of the party.

Without the right entertainment to help liven it up, a home birthday party can feel like nothing but a dull backyard barbeque.

‘Birthdays’ are an important day for the birthday person. Sometimes it is more than just a birthday because it turns into a huge family gathering and everyone is having a great time.

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